Przemysław Rybka

Attorney at law

Przemysław Rybka

He manages the area of corporate and compliance services. He deals with insurance law on a daily basis, and also advises clients on obtaining funding, including EU subventions. He has several years of experience in managing legal and compliance teams in leading financial institutions in Poland.

More about me

Before joining Kolegial, he was a Proxy and Director of the Legal and Compliance Department at insurance companies belonging to the largest international capital groups. He combines experience in work as an in-house with many years of practice conducted within his own law firm. He has long practice in cooperation with corporate clients as well as smaller entities, also from the agri-food sector due to the fact that he co-operates a large agricultural business.

Legal Advisor, partner at the law firm. Efficiently communicates and works in English.

He is a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan. He completed the court application at the Court of Appeal in Poznan. He started his professional career by working in a law firm. Then he worked in a brokerage house and an investment fund company – one of the largest in Poland, which managed several investment funds. As part of units dedicated to legal services and compliance, he began his cooperation from the position of lawyer-inspector of supervision, up to the role of the head of these departments. He was responsible for creating and organizing the Legal and Compliance Department in newly established insurance companies - the first joint-venture companies in Poland operating on the bancassurance market. For many years, he successfully managed this area as part of the fastest-growing insurance companies in Poland (also in connection with acquisitions carried out within capital groups). The units he supervised distinguished innovation (eg. co-creation of pioneer insurance products, establishment of the first umbrella fund in Poland, supervision of the first real estate fund in Poland) and effectiveness (eg statistics on won court cases, internal assessments and regulators).